Reported Speech in Western Subanon


Reported speech is claimed to be its own syntactic domain deserving special attention (Spronck & Nikitina 2019). Recent work focusing on West African languages has produced a set of proposed typologies or patterns around the introduction of units of reported speech (ERC grant: Discourse reporting in African storytelling No758232). One output of that project is an ELAN-CorpA (Chanard 2015, 2019) template for marking reported speech as reported on by Paterson, Hantgan and Chanard (2021). We take the typologies presented in the template and investigate how they align with patterns of reported speech events in several texts of Western Subanon, a language of the southern Philippines. We situate our analysis in the context of reported speech typological patterns presented and developed through cross-linguistic work in other language families. Finally, we discuss some general reported speech patterns across the Western Subanon texts.

30 Jun, 2021 11:30
Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic

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Hugh Paterson III
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William Hall
William Hall

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Rebecca Paterson
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